Stuck on love & happy endings
Package Deal
Angels come in different packages
Single mom Spring has no desire to date again, so is pleasantly surprised at her best friend’s wedding when a handsome man’s flirtations charm, instead of annoy her. But when her toddler runs up and calls her Mommy, she can tell that her daughter is a deal-breaker. 
He can't seem to escape fast enough.

Hudson Sandel is irritated when the only woman who tempts him at his little brother’s wedding ends up having a kid. Instant fatherhood isn’t on his agenda. But when the kid throws a tantrum, he swoops in to help keep her from ruining the night, and can't stop thinking about the gorgeous blonde when he returns home that evening. 

As fate, grocery shopping, and toddler tantrums keep throwing the angelic duo into Hudson’s path, will he risk his heart and dreams on a package deal, or stick to the sure road leading to professional success and glory?

Game Changer
Orange chicken was a game changer
Meridee wants nothing to do with the popular crowd. She's comfortable being ​invisible. But that doesn't stop her from dreaming about the hunky football player who visits the campus ice cream shop where she works. Still, she's smart enough to know he'd never notice a girl like her, and she'd never want him even if he did. Too much unwanted attention.

Parker Harrington basks in the glory that's been his since his game-changing passes he caught that pushed his team into the national spotlight. But when he accidentally crashes into a quiet coed and covers her in orange chicken, it throws off his offensive game.

As fate, ice cream, and orange chicken throw the opposites together, will Parker continue keeping company with women he knows are only using him for his fame? Or will he change up the game and risk his heart on a genuine girl who despises the attention he craves?

Between Hope & the Highway
Can mercy erase the past & sketch a new beginning?
Liz flees her home to seek refuge on a remote ranch in Montana where no ones knows of her tragic past. But a surprise encounter with her boss's son makes her wonder if she might have to run again. The cocky cowboy seems to have it out for her, and undermines her at every turn.

Rawson Law appears as though he has it all, but he'd give it all up for the chance to change one foolish decision 5 years ago that left one brother dead, another broken, and a best friend incarcerated. When he returns home to discover a strange girl has stolen not only his coveted job with the yearlings, but his status as favorite with his family as well, he resolves to shove her out of the picture. 

Though Rawson and Liz fight their mutual attraction, embers of hope flicker to life as they are drawn together by work, fate, and the meddling schemes of Rawson's younger brother, Bentley. As hearts tangle, will they grasp onto second chances, or will secrets from the past cause Liz to hit the highway again?
Bending Willow Trilogy
An emotional tapestry woven with threads of love, loss, and forgiveness that both inspires & captivates
Eyes of Light - 1 - Discovering the light within can be a dark journey. Suvi is swept into a world of intrigue and violence that resurrects the painful past when the love of her life, Austan, is shot by a cartel capo. Later, she meets James, who helps her discover the light within herself. But will that be enough to risk her heart again?

Secret Keepers - 2 - Time reveals all secrets. Suvi feels unworthy of her happily-ever-after, especially when her knight in shining armor becomes the target of evil men due to her past. Austan stands guard against the cartel's wrath, but nurses hope that he can someday reveal that he is alive to Suvi and rekindle their love.

Hands of Mercy - 3 - True love must sacrifice. James, Austan, and Suvi are stretched by separation, death, grief, and revenge as dragons from the past attack and cause hell to erupt. As they struggle to survive, they will discover that when all seems lost, the only hope comes from unseen hands of mercy.
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